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Eric Wynsma

Eric started Terra Firma in 1996 as a small side-venture while working as a property manager at Visser Development. After purchasing the Brass Works Building with three other investors, Eric left Visser to work on the three-year renovation. Since the year 2000, Eric has bought and sold more than 35 industrial, office, and retail buildings.

Eric specializes in historic renovation with an emphasis on blighted neighborhoods that are on the verge of economic resurgence. Working with the State of Michigan, Eric helped create two new Renaissance Zones in the City of Grand Rapids, which led to the creation of more than 100 new jobs and resulted in over $60,000,000 of investment by ourselves and others.

Eric's focus is on project identification, finance, and managing the brokerage process to re-tenant the facilities upon completion of construction and/or renovation." eric@

Cherie Schierbeek

Cherie has over 15 years experience in the accounting field and is involved with several property management and construction functions. Her primary focus is accounting, finance, transaction analysis and tax preparation. Cherie works with our lenders and manages the construction loan process for all of our projects." cherie@

Justin Hood

Justin handles all aspects of Tenant Relations, Property Management and supervision of contract and maintenance labor. In addition to Tenant and Project Management, Justin helped supervise over 150,000 square feet of renovation and new construction in the past year. He is involved in the brokerage process and assists in the leasing of large industrial facilities." justin@

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